Q1. Our most asked question. Why do you guys charge less than other bands we have asked for quotes? (Also check out question 2 please).

A. As you can see from our credentials we are extremely experienced professional musicians. We have played more weddings, corporate functions, pubs, clubs etc than we can remember over more than 30 years.

We have also seen some horrendous bands, (jazz and otherwise) that charge huge amounts, (ESPECIALLY FOR WEDDINGS) and we would never over-quote you. We want to play and ask a reasonable price depending on travel, number of musicians, length of time hired. Every job is different, BUT we will always quote a REALISTIC price. The majority of our jobs are RETURN bookings from satisfied customers.

Q2. Why have I found other jazz bands that charge a lot LESS than your bands?

A. As per the answer to question 1, when you hire my bands you are employing the top players. Whilst I have already explained there are some really nasty Jazz Bands that charge through the roof, there are also plenty that are REALLY bad and play for almost nothing, thus taking work from full-time professionals like ourselves.

Q3. I want a jazz band but don’t know what type?

A. Jazz music covers nearly 100 years and has many varied styles. Because of the variance you may absolutely hate one type. This is why I like to advise the customer of the various types so they will be able to choose the type according to their taste.

Q4. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A. Unfortunately after many years of never requiring deposits and relying upon the goodwill of people, due to an increase in people failing to pay bands (including us) I have had to start insisting on a booking fee of $50.00 per man before accepting a booking. A sign of the times?


1. Traditional (Trad). Basically this is the 1920’s -30’s jazz that everybody relates to. Think of legends like Louis Armstrong, Al Jolson and Scott Joplin with songs like “When the Saints, Basin Street Blues, Alexander’s Ragtime Band.” This is the good happy music “toe-tapping” music that is appreciated by most people. If you like this type of Jazz then check out our OZZ JAZZsection of this website. 

2. Swing. This is the Big band era Think of legends like Frank Sinatra, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Nat ‘King’ Cole and more recently Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jnr. Songs like Fly Me to the Moon, New York New York, Route 66 etc. If you like this type of jazz then go to our RHAPSODY section of this web site. 


Q5. I can’t afford a whole band, what can I do?

A. We can vary sizes of bands depending upon your budget and type of music required. We can often play as a duo, trio or solo show. Please check out THE JAZZ TROUBADOURS, OZZ JAZZ or my SOLO SHOWS.

Q6. What instruments can you have in the band?

A. Here are the many and varied line-ups we can provide.



1. Accoustic Trio:- Banjo, Tuba and Trumpet (I also sing and may play other instruments depending on what you like). This group does not need power and is perfect for backyard parties, shopping centres and corporate promotions such as exhibitions.

2. Quartets and bigger: - We can add various instruments up to our 10 piece big band using various combinations of Trumpet, Reeds, Trombone, Banjo (or guitar, or piano), Tuba (or bass) and drums. On all of these groups I sing.


This band is amazing. Not only do we cover Jazz (Trad), Swing and Rock/Pop but we have a large variation in line-ups.

1. The Rhapsody Duo:- either two guitars with vocals, or a guitar and banjo with vocal or a guitar and piano with vocal.

2. Basic Trio:- Me on Trumpet plus (Vocal, Sax and Guitar) with a Piano (doubling guitar) and Bass.

3. Quartet:- Add drums

4. Quintet:- Also add a sax player or extra guitar player. With this line-up we can play as a straight swing band - trumpet/vocal, Sax, Piano, Bass and Drums, or we can switch instruments in seconds and become a rock group with 2 guitars, sax bass and drums, or 3 Guitars, Bass and Drums, or 2 Guitars, Piano, Bass and Drums or………(you get the idea!).

Q4. How can I hire one of your bands?

A. Follow this simple procedure. It is a bit like ordering a Pizza!!!!!!

1. Decide what type of music you want i.e. Trad Jazz (Traditional crust), Swing (Thin crust), Rock/Pop (Stuffed crust) or a combination of all (Supreme)

2. Decide what topping you want i.e. the size of the band and instruments you like.

3. Give me a call on 0412 573 654 or go to CONTACT and email me to discuss a price.